Global Climate Governance Beyond 2012

Architecture, Agency and Adaptation

Global Climate Governance Beyond 2012 provides a comprehensive assessment of policy options for future global climate governance, written by a team of 30 leading experts from the European Union and developing countries. The authors address three questions that will be central to any new climate agreement: 1. Architecture – What is the most effective overall legal and institutional architecture for successful and equitable climate policies? 2. Agency – What role should non-state actors play, public-private partnerships and market mechanisms? 3. Adaptation – How can we deal with the growing challenge of adapting our institutions to a warmer world?

Teaser: Global Climate Governance Beyond 2012

The book is one outcome of the research programme 'Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies: Supporting European Climate Policy' (ADAM Project). The ADAM Project brought together more than 100 experts from 27 institutions in disciplines as diverse as economics, engineering, political science and climate modelling.

The book is also one of the first publications that respond to the science plan of the Earth System Governance Project, a new long-term research effort under the auspices of the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (

Quelle: Source: IHDP [1]


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