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Identifying Human Skeletons in Forensic Anthropology

Mai 26
Mai 28
Institute of Biological Anthropology, Hebelstraße 29, 7910 Freiburg, Seminar Room, Freiburg University

This three day workshop covers a range of aspects in the analysis of human skeletal remains as they relate to forensic anthropology. Participants will receive theoretical and practical training, utilizing an array of learning materials including contemporary skeletons. Prof.Mann and Prof Wittwer-Backofen will collaborate in presenting actual cases that they have worked.

Certificates will be provided to each participant upon successful completion of the course.


• biological profile of the skeleton

• bone disease

• trauma

• skeletal variation

• case studies

The workshop is open to interdisciplinary anthropology, biology, archaeology and medicine students and faculty. Number of Participantsislimited.

Tuition: 30€

When interested, please contact Contact: petra.urban@anthropologie.uni-freiburg.de


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