Stellenausschreibungen im Bereich Anthropologie

  • 16.01.2020
  • Stellenausschreibung

Masaryk University - Assistant Professor - Biological/Physical Anthropologist

The candidate for the position is expected to carry out pedagogical and creative tasks (scientific, research & development, innovative and others) in accordance with mission of the Faculty, activities of the department and ongoing research projects. He or she is expected to be involved in teaching and development of study programmes, research & development, promoting of science & dissemination of research results, and to participate in academic authorities and other bodies. He or she is also expected to carry out additional administrative and operational activities related to the type of work and departmental duties, as per instructions of the direct superior.
  • 19.12.2019
  • Stellenausschreibung

UC Santa Barbara - Temporary Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, Pooled Recruitment


The Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Barbara invites applications for a pool of qualified, part-time, temporary lecturers to teach various courses in sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, and biological anthropology for potential openings. Screening of applicants is ongoing and will continue as needed. The number of positions varies from quarter to quarter, depending on the needs of the Department and may include our ANTH 2 Introductory Cultural Anthropology course of 550 students or ANTH 5 Introductory Biological Anthropology of 400 students. The Department seeks applicants for Spring 2020, Summer Session 2020 and Fall quarter 2020, Winter 2021 and Spring 2021.
  • 24.10.2019
  • Stellenausschreibung

The Shelley Saunders/ Koloshuk Family Scholarship

The Shelley Saunders / Koloshuk Family scholarship supports biological anthropology PhD students for 4 years of study with a minimum of $35,000/year (international students) and up to $25,000/year (domestic students). Apply to our PhD program and you will be automatically considered. There are funds available to assist with lab and fieldwork. Visit
  • 16.10.2017
  • SNF
  • Meldung

Der SNF publiziert Ausschreibung 2017 für Nationale Forschungsschwerpunkte (NFS)

Mit den NFS werden langfristige Forschungsprojekte von nationaler Bedeutung und höchster Qualität gefördert sowie eine nachhaltige Schwerpunkt- und Strukturbildung in und zwischen den Hochschulen gestärkt. Neben der Finanzierung durch Bundesbeiträge werden die NFS finanziell zusätzlich durch Eigenmittel der Hochschulen und durch Drittmittel unterstützt.