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Rigi-Workshop 2018: Networks and interactions - from species to communities

Rigi-Workshop, where disciplines meet

Jan 21
Jan 23
12:00 - 16:00
Rigi Kulm Hotel


Rigi Kulm
Lobaria pulmonaria
Lobaria pulmonaria
Lobaria pulmonaria

Want to learn about biological, evolutionary and social interactions of species? To formulate and model species-interaction concepts? To cross disciplinary borders and share similarities and differences between social and natural sciences?

Four experts will guide you into the fascinating world of ecological, evolutionary and social networks of species and communities and help you to build and test computational models of species-interactions.

  • Mutualistic interactions:
    Ecology, Evolution and Conservation
  • Host-parasite interactions
  • Mutualistic networks
  • Interspecies-exchange
  • Computational approaches to study co-evolution of networks

Daniel Croll, Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics, University of Neuchâtel
Ina Dietzsch, Institute of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology, University of Basel
Miguel Fortuna, Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Zürich
Christoph Scheidegger, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL

PhD students from all Swiss institutions of Higher Learning are most strongly encouraged to apply. Applications from Master students and Postdocs are also considered.

Please register online and submit an abstract of your research and a short letter of motivation for attending before 15 October 2017. The organizing committee will select the 40 most outstanding applicants to participate in this workshop.

Organisers: Christoph Scheidegger (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL)
Pia Stieger (Swiss Academy of Sciences)



Plattform Biologie


Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL


Registration free: CHF 150.-

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Register and send abstract of your research and motivation letter before October 15th 2017!

A detailed program will be available by the end of September 2017

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