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Neogene evolution of the Molasse Basin

Excursion of the young geomorphologists (SGmS)

Okt 12
Okt 13
15:10 - 17:00
Zurich, ETHZ


Meeting 3.10 pm at the Meeting Point Zürich HB, Friday, 12.10.2018
Bild: Sascha Winterberg
Uetliberg (Bild: Sascha Winterberg)

The Swiss Young Geomorphologists Section aims to promote, enhance and exchange geomorphological knowledge between young researchers (BSc-, MSc- and PhD-students and PostDocs) working in the field of geomorphology or in areas close to it.

Its committee is responsible for networking and organizing activities for young Swiss geomorphologists. Exchanges with similar groups from other alpine countries are also foreseen. These activities are intended to be an informal discussion platform in the form of excursions, scientific workshops or social events. The last main objective is to discover the diversity of the regional geomorphology of Switzerland.

The Swiss Molasse Basin forms the subsurface of the densely populated Swiss Mittelland. The Molasse represents the Oligocene to mid Miocene foreland basin of the Alps that was subsequently uplifted. The Molasse wedge propagated the tectonic stresses from the Alps towards the Jura, where they caused a folding of the Mesozoic sediments. The Molasse basin itself was uplifted some 900 m by this wedge process. The drainage network in the Molasse Basin was strongly affected by the uplift, and with the drainage network the ability of sediment transport. The perturbations in the Molasse Basin changed the river network at a continental scale.

We will organize a two day excursion that visits the Uetliberg, the landmark mountain of Zürich. We will discuss the Neogene to Quaternary history of the region on a hike to Uetliberg. The top of Uetliberg offers not only a view of the geomorphology of the region but also remnants of the fluvial history of the Upper Sweetwater Molasse. The invisible erosional processes that accompany the uplift and the evolution of the river network (e.g. χ-map) will be an additional focus during the excursion.





c/o Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Kuhn
Universität Basel
Physiogeographie und Umweltwandel
Klingelbergstrasse 27
4056 Basel

+41 61 207 07 19


Register via Email providing some information to julia.krawielicki@erdw.ethz.ch: 15.09.2018


The participation is free of charge for young geomorphologists members of the SGmS
30.- CHF for non-SGmS members

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The excursion is limited to 15 persons max. The registration is considered as soon as the application has been received. Non-SGmS members are also welcome as long as they become member in 2019.

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