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GLP 4th Open Science Meeting

Apr 24
Apr 26
Universität Bern
3012 Bern
GLP, Bern
GLP, Bern
GLP, Bern

Land use is key for achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in an increasingly threatened global environment. Should land system science produce a unifying vision for the planet? How can we support transformations that mutually reinforce global sustainability visions and goals, and people’s aspirations and needs?

Land system science scholars will be confronting such questions at the fourth Open Science Meeting of the Global Land Programme and will focus on topics and themes that aim to advance our understanding of how land systems can form the basis for sustainability transformations.

This conference represents a unique opportunity to build and enhance scientific capacity and enable transformations to a sustainable future by identifying core questions, synthesizing research, and setting future agendas. Conference attendees will strive to develop connections between researchers and stakeholders from civil society, government, and the private sector, and to bridge science and decision-making for sustainable management and governance of land use worldwide.

The conference will feature plenary keynotes, parallel-keynote sessions, research presentation sessions, innovative and immersive sessions, short training and workshop sessions, and poster sessions.

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