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Researchers with the H3Africa initiative are studying why some people are resistant to trypanosome parasite infections, which are detected in blood samples. Credit: Dieter Telemans/Panos (via Nature)
  • 19.04.2018
  • Meldung

African scientists call for more control of their continent’s genomic data

New voluntary guidelines aim to combat ‘helicopter’ research in Africa, in which foreign scientists take genomic samples and data from African communities and then return to their home institutions.
  • 18.04.2018
  • Meldung

r4d programme Mid-term Review Report published

The Mid-term Review report and the management response of the r4d Steering Committee are published and now available online.
  • 13.04.2018
  • Meldung

Meaning-making Research Initiatives : Special call for female researchers

Application deadline: May 31, 2018
Exchange and Mobility - Movetia
  • 09.04.2018
  • Meldung

Movetia goes worldwide

You can submit funding applications for worldwide mobility and cooperation projects to Movetia.
  • 05.04.2018
  • Meldung

SNIS Award for the best PhD thesis in international studies

The 2018 edition of SNIS Award that rewards the best PhD thesis in international studies received in a Swiss university is now open for entries.
Private Philanthropy by OECD
  • 28.03.2018
  • Meldung

Private Philanthropy and Development - a new OECD Report

Philanthropy’s role in advancing sustainable development attracts a lot of attention. This report calls into question long-held assumptions about the volume, nature and potential of foundations’ engagement in developing countries, and the role they can play to support the SDGs.
IDRC - Scaling Science
  • 23.03.2018
  • Meldung

Scaling Science

A new model for optimizing the impact of research and innovation by IDRC, the International Development Research Center (Canada): The scaling of research and innovation that creates social impact is a priority for IDRC and the development community broadly, but how best to achieve impact at scale is far from straightforward.
  • 19.03.2018
  • Meldung

TWAS Research Grants

TWAS funds several programmes that provide grants to researchers in some developing countries for specialized equipment, consumable supplies and Master of Science students. Grants are awarded to individual scientists and research groups.
LIRA 2018
  • 09.03.2018
  • Meldung

Leading Integrated Research for Agenda 2030 in Africa

Leading Integrated Research for Agenda 2030 in Africa is a 5-year programme that seeks to increase the production of high quality, integrated (inter- and transdisciplinary), solutions-oriented research on global sustainability by early career scientists in Africa.

KFPE Newsletter, March 2018

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