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  • 07.06.2018
  • Kommission für Forschungspartnerschaften mit Entwicklungsländern
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EDCTP launches €118 million investment

The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) published its 2018 calls for proposals after approval of its 2018 work plan. The eleven calls represent an overall investment of €118 million in clinical research and research capacity in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • 05.06.2018
  • Meldung

Call for Internship Scholarships in China

ETH Zurich as the Leading House for the Bilateral Science and Technology Cooperation Programme with Asia is launching this call
seed money ASEAN
  • 01.06.2018
  • Meldung

Call for Seed Money Grants with ASEAN Member States

The goal of the current seed money call is to establish and strengthen scientific collaboration between Swiss researchers and colleagues in one of the partner countries.
Women in Odisha, India, where in 2014 the Dongria Kondh forest tribe won a lawsuit to stop a bauxite mine from opening. Credit: Sanjit Das/Panos Pictures (via Nature)
  • 30.05.2018
  • Meldung

The global south is rich in sustainability lessons that students deserve to hear

A Western bias limits progress, so educators must share how communities in the developing world manage environmental change, argues Harini Nagendra.
  • 25.05.2018
  • Meldung

Research fairness tool reveals policy gaps

A Senegalese university has become the first institution in the developing world to subject itself to a pioneering review designed to evaluate its ability to conduct research ethically and negotiate fair deals with international collaborators.
Exchange and Mobility - Movetia
  • 17.05.2018
  • Meldung

The Open Project Fund of Movetia

The open project fund serves to test initial partnership and mobility experiences with new partners in countries outside Europe and/or to further develop existing partnerships.
Seed Money Call South East Asia
  • 09.05.2018
  • Meldung

Call for seed money grants for collaborations with South Asia and Iran

This seed money call aims at developing new or consolidating existing partnerships with institutions in countries where research partnerships are so far underexplored.
GMBA Survey
  • 03.05.2018
  • Meldung

GMBA Mountain Biodiversity and Human Wellbeing Survey

GMBA launches a survey to assess the state of, trends in, and relations between biodiversity, ecosystem services, human wellbeing, and direct drivers in the world's mountains.
COHRED-KFPE Session 2018
  • 03.05.2018
  • Meldung

Increasing fairness and impact of research partnerships - Geneva Health Forum 2018

The Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED), in collaboration with the KFPE hosted a parallel session at the Geneva Health Forum 2018, entitled “Increasing fairness and impact of research partnerships”.

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