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  • 25.04.2017
  • Meldung

Swiss TPH Designated WHO Collaborating Centre for its Expertise in Malaria

On the 25th of April we commemorate World Malaria Day. Malaria remains a major public health issue in many low- and middle- income countries. Over 200 million new cases are detected every year and over 400,000 people die annually from malaria.
  • 24.04.2017
  • Meldung

World Bank’s 2017 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals

The Atlas includes over 150 maps and data visualisations to assist with efforts to track progress in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Building Partnerships of Equals - UKCDS
  • 21.04.2017
  • Meldung

Building Partnership of Equals

This is the first report to explore the essential role that funders are playing throughout the research lifecycle to select and build partnerships of equals. It draws on discussion with over thirty international funders to provide an overview of current models, practices and challenges.
  • 13.04.2017
  • Meldung

Southeast Asia – Europe Joint Funding Scheme

The SNSF is participating in the first call for proposals within the scope of the Southeast Asia – Europe Joint Funding Scheme. The objective of the Joint Funding Scheme (JFS) is to bring together Southeast Asian and European researchers and innovators and allow them to collaborate on topics of mutual interest.
  • 09.04.2017
  • Meldung

SNIS Award 2017 for the best PhD thesis in international studies

The 2017 edition of SNIS Award that rewards the best PhD thesis in international studies received in a Swiss university is now open for entries.
AESA-RISE Postdoctoral Programme
  • 05.04.2017
  • Meldung

AAS-AESA announces US$2 million investment to boost Africa’s scientific capacity

The investment is for postdoctoral researchers to support globally competitive research in African universities and contribute to the creation of knowledge-based economies on the continent.

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