• 02.11.2018
  • Meldung

Research often unpaid in sub-Saharan Africa

Foto: J. Pelikan, SwissTPH Basel
Bild: J. Pelikan, SwissTPH Basel
Foto: J. Pelikan, SwissTPH Basel
Foto: J. Pelikan, SwissTPH Basel (Bild: J. Pelikan, SwissTPH Basel)

Eight-five per cent of scientists in sub-Saharan Africa have done stints of unpaid research, with one-third doing unpaid work lasting longer than a year.

A survey of 412 academics from Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa revealed that a lack of funding and paid training opportunities were among the causes. Setting up national research-funding agencies could help scientists to get paid for their contributions, say experts. “In many cases, there is no payment for such work, because the organization itself has no funding for the work it does,” says public-health researcher Lem Ngongalah.

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