• 01.05.2019
  • Meldung

WHO to put global south in the driver’s seat

Copyright M. Winkler, SwissTPH
Copyright M. Winkler, SwissTPH
Copyright M. Winkler, SwissTPH

The chief scientist of its new science division, Soumya Swaminathan, explains how the agency will encourage innovation, promote open data and hand the power to scientists from the global south.

The WHO also hopes to convene global experts to help research leaders and policymakers fill knowledge gaps on issues in their nations that will have broad practical impact. For example, cost-effective interventions for non-communicable diseases would promote health and address leading causes of death. What policies increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables by people in poverty? Where physicians are scarce, can nurses help people with diabetes to manage their condition, using decision-support systems on mobile phones? The goal is for scientists from the global south to truly take the driver’s seat, so that questions and insights will address countries’ needs and deliver tangible results.

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