• 10.09.2019
  • Meldung

Food Systems Caravan on tour from 23 Sept to 6 Nov 2019

Food System Caravan Tour
Food System Caravan Tour
Food System Caravan Tour

The Food Systems Caravan is a 8 weeks itinerant and digital and media caravan which brings the main messages of r4d Food Security research projects to diverse institutions and the general public in the West African countries of Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin and Nigeria.

It is a synthesis project of the Swiss Programme for Research on Global Issues for Development (r4d programme), funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Swiss National Science Foundation. It is a collaborative learning journey of researchers and their partners for promoting dialogues and learning events on transdisciplinary and systemic solutions for complex socio-environmental issues within the context of food security.

A team composed of the synthesis project coordinators, a filmmaker and seven local facilitators from different r4d Food Security projects organise cross-project conferences, seminars, farmers' field days and field visits, and activities for students and NGOs while documenting this "cross-pollinating process" in film and social media.

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