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17th Young Researchers Meeting 2018

“Climate action for Climate Scientists”

Jun 14
Jun 15
Hotel Aeschi Park,
Aeschi b. Spiez
OCCR: Young Researchers Meeting
OCCR: Young Researchers Meeting
OCCR: Young Researchers Meeting

How (not) to communicate, advocate and take action for climate

Scientists have warned about drastic effects of climate change for decades, to no avail so far. Is this true? Have we failed in communicating our results? How to best move society towards the 2-°C goal? What would efficient climate advocacy be? Should we focus on technological rather than societal changes?
And what is our role as (young) climate scientists?

The meeting is open to all PhD and post-doctoral students in Switzerland focusing on climate research.


Oeschger Centre

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With the registration, you are asked to register for and complete the calculation of your personal carbon footprint. The data will be used on Friday morning.

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