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World Wide Views on Climate and Energy

From the World's Citizens to the Climate and Energy Policymakers and Stakeholders

World Wide Views on Climate and Energy
World Wide Views on Climate and Energy
World Wide Views on Climate and Energy

World Wide Views on Climate and Energy (WWViews on Climate and Energy) is a global democratic deliberation on climate change and energy transition. It collected citizen views on international climate change and energy policy issues and bring them to policymakers involved in the UNFCCC negotiations. The aim is to close a widening democratic gap between citizens and policymakers.

The WWViews results are based on well-established principles for citizen participation and offer unique and detailed insights into lay people’s views on climate change and energy and the question of how to implement global policies to deal with these issues. The participating citizens coming from 76 countries were selected to reflect the demographic diversity of their respective countries and regions. They were provided with unbiased information about climate change and energy and about the international discussions on policy measures to handle these issues. Citizens were given time to deliberate with each other in order to develop their opinions.
This report shows the key findings of the 97 debates, made in 76 countries with 10'000 patricipating citizens:

A strong call for action:

  • Citizens worldwide want their leaders to commit ambitious climate action
  • Citizens want zero emissions by the end of the century
  • The COP21 Paris Agreement needs to open a credible path to limit global warming to no more than 2 degrees
  • Climate Change is an opporunity to improve life quality
  • Introduce carbon taxes and invest in renewable energy
Common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities:
  • Countries should assume responsibilities based on their respective capabilities and emission levels
  • All countries must take action to reduce their climate finance commitments
Financing climate action:
  • The private sector should contribute significantly to climate finance
  • High-income countries should scale up their climate finance commitments
Citizen Partizipation
  • Citizens want to take an active part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Citizens expect to take part in deciding on climate policies

Quelle: WWVies (2015): World Wide Views on Climate and Energy. Results Report. Copenhagen: The Danish Board of Technology Foundation