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Shaping Science: how to start

Ideas on how to shape research culture from the We Scientists 2035 workshops

Shaping Science: how to start  (cover image)
Bild: Szymon Drobniak design
Shaping Science: how to start  (cover image)
Shaping Science: how to start (cover image) (Bild: Szymon Drobniak design)

The We Scientists 2035 workshops were initiated by SCNAT to call upon researchers to re-imagine a better, healthier research culture.

This booklet summarises the first results and encourages you to start he conversation in your research environment. Let's begin to shape science together.
What would your ideal research culture be? What will you do tomorrow to shape it? Read this booklet to gain inspiration on how to start this discussion and shape research culture at your institution.
Let's start to change what it means to do science in Switzerland.

Autoren: Dr. Tania Jenkins
Verlag: SCNAT

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We Scientists 2035 Facilitator Pack

This is the facilitator pack for people who would like to replicate the We Scientists 2035 workshop.
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We Scientists 2035 Workshop Day - with Jacques Dubochet

Do you work in a scientific research institution? Are you frustrated with aspects of current research culture, such as the pressure to “publish or perish”, the reproducibility crisis, climbing the academic ladder and persistent gender biases? Do you want to shape the culture that you work in? Join us on the 7th of February, 2019 at the University of Lausanne for an afternoon of «We Scientists 2035 Workshops». Let’s make small changes today for a better research culture tomorrow!



Dr. Tania Jenkins
Forum Genforschung
Haus der Akademien
3001 Bern



The booklet is designed to inspire your coffee talks. Is the coffee table in your research institut still empty? Please order a free copy (see contact above).