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Global Mountain Safeguard

Emerging Risks and Future Challenges for Mountain regions worldwide

Okt 17
Okt 19
Eurac Research,
Viale Druso 1,
39100 Bozen/Bolzano,
sonne himmel berge winter
Bild: M. Bolliger
sonne himmel berge winter
sonne himmel berge winter (Bild: M. Bolliger)

Eurac Research and the United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security are organizing a workshop through their new joint program, Global Mountain Safeguard Research (GLOMOS). The workshop, 'Global Mountain Safeguard: Emerging Risks and Future Challenges for Mountain Regions Worldwide,' will take place in Italy this autumn.

The workshop will serve as a platform for communication and exchange on issues surrounding disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, and emergency response preparedness in mountain regions.

The aim of the workshop is to increase the resilience of mountain communities to natural and man-made hazards and disaster risks, protect the wealth of biological and cultural diversity in mountains, and support sustainable mountain development. Present and future challenges relating to these issues will be discussed, with the event hoping to build bridges between the international academic community and the United Nations system.

Interested researchers from numerous disciplines, government representatives, NGOs, UN agencies, public and private institutions, international networks - such at the Mountain Research Initiative - and organizations related to mountain-specific topics are all invited to attend.

For further details with regard to local arrangements and conference logistics please contact Mrs. Alexa De Marchi, Local Workshop Management, Eurac Research, e-mail: alexa.demarchi@eurac.edu, Tel: +39 0471 055 057

For information regarding the scientific coordination of the workshop please contact:

Dr. Jörg Szarzynski, United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security, UN campus, Bonn, Germany
E-mail: szarzynski@ehs.unu.edu
Telephone: +49 228 815 0327

Dr. Stefan Schneiderbauer, Eurac Research, Institute for Earth Observation, Bozen/Bolzano, Italy
E-mail: stefan.schneiderbauer@eurac.edu
Telephone: +39 0471 055 373


United Nations University

Eurac Research

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