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ResNexus 2018 Conference

Rethinking urban resilience

Nov 7
Nov 8
Wageningen University & Research
Hollandseweg 1,
6706 KN Wageningen,
the Netherlands
ResNexus 2018
Bild: ResNexus
ResNexus 2018
ResNexus 2018 (Bild: ResNexus)

The conference will bring together academics and practitioners working in government and civil society who are dealing with the Urban Water Energy Food and Environment Nexus worldwide.

With over half the world’s population now living in cities, urban resilience has become one of the leading global challenges as can be seen in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda. Cities are complex networked spaces where access to key services is often unevenly distributed among city dwellers. In light of projected climate change impacts, resource constraints and growing populations, the provision of basic services and commodities such as food, water and energy is increasingly problematic for many cities.

The interactions between water, energy, food and environment within cities (termed the urban ‘Nexus’) are seen as key for the development of sustainable and resilient cities. Yet these interactions are poorly understood due to the sectoral approaches to water, energy and food often taken in most urban settings.

Through its multidisciplinary nature the ResNexus 2018 conference hopes to provide a means to bridge gaps between Nexus theory and practice by bringing together academics from different disciplines, policy makers, urban planners, and water, energy, food, and environment practitioners in civil society.


Wageningen University & Research

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Abstract submission
Deadline abstract submission: 22.06.2018

Registration deadline: 15.10.2018


Conference Fee €150

Registration details will follow soon

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