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We Scientists 2035 Workshop Day - with Jacques Dubochet

Feb 7
13:30 - 19:00
Amphimax, UNIL- Sorge
Room 351


Amphimax, Room 351, UNIL-Sorge
We scientists_2035_logo
We scientists_2035_logo
We scientists_2035_logo (Bild: SCNAT)

Do you work in a scientific research institution? Are you frustrated with aspects of current research culture, such as the pressure to “publish or perish”, the reproducibility crisis, climbing the academic ladder and persistent gender biases? Do you want to shape the culture that you work in? Join us on the 7th of February, 2019 at the University of Lausanne for an afternoon of «We Scientists 2035 Workshops». Let’s make small changes today for a better research culture tomorrow!

Research culture describes the behaviours and values that shape our research communities which ultimately affect how research is done and how it is communicated. As part of SCNAT’s ongoing commitment to research culture issues , we have adapted the UK Royal Society’s «Visions of 2035» workshops. The workshops use speculative design scenarios to encourage novel thinking about what an idealised research culture would look like in 2035. Through discussions and a series of brainstorming activities, you will be equipped to start with small positive changes tomorrow.


The workshops are open to natural scientists of all career stages as well as academic support staff. The number of participants is limited to 100. The workshops are sold out. Please register for the waiting list.

REGISTER to be on the waiting list

Preliminary programme

13:00 Arrival & registration

13:30 Welcome by Prof. Marcel Tanner, president SCNAT & Prof. François Bussy, Vice Rector “Research and International Relations", UNIL

13:45 Goals of the Day

13:55 Getting in the mood for change with The Catalyst

14:15 Workshop "We Scientists 2035"

  • Visions 2035: exploring future scenarios- inspiring novel thinking
  • Formulating our ideal research culture
  • First steps to change!

16:40 Collecting ideas and acting out change with The Catalyst.

17:10 "Changing research culture»: a moderated discussion and Q&A with Prof. Jacques Dubochet (UNIL), 2017 Nobel prize winner for Chemistry and Prof. Simone Schürle (ETH-Z), scientist, entrepreneur and fellow to the Global Futures Council, World Economic Forum

18:00 Apéro

Flyer We Scientists 2035 Workshop Day
Flyer We Scientists 2035 Workshop Day (Bild: SCNAT)
Flyer We Scientists 2035 Workshop Day
Flyer We Scientists 2035 Workshop Day (Bild: SCNAT)

We Scientists 2035 Workshops teaser made for SCNAT by Robbie I'Anson Price

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Shaping Science: how to start  (cover image)
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Shaping Science: how to start

The We Scientists 2035 workshops were initiated by SCNAT to call upon researchers to re-imagine a better, healthier research culture.
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We Scientists 2035 Facilitator Pack

This is the facilitator pack for people who would like to replicate the We Scientists 2035 workshop.


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