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SDSN Switzerland Conference 2019

The Sustainability Transformation: A Joint Task for Our Society

Mai 21
09:15 - 17:30
PROGR - Zentrum für Kulturproduktion,
Waisenhausplatz 30
3011 Bern
SDSN Switzerland Conference 2019
Bild: SDSN Switzerland
SDSN Switzerland Conference 2019
SDSN Switzerland Conference 2019 (Bild: SDSN Switzerland)

The objective of the SDSN Switzerland Conference 2019 is to trigger the debate and deepen the knowledge around how to shape the sustainability transformation in Switzerland. Furthermore, we endeavor to send a convincing message to decision makers and the larger public on how to shape the sustainability transformation in and for Switzerland.

Humanity is at a crossroads. A transformation towards a sustainable future is necessary – a future which sees the realization of peaceful, just and inclusive societies, the lasting protection of the planet and its natural resources, and the creation of conditions for shared prosperity. The Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, adopted by all UN Member States in 2015, presents a frame of reference for this transformation.

​How do we trigger such a sustainability transformation in Switzerland? First and foremost, sustainable development is a societal task. With the help of everybody – policy makers, the private sector, civil society and science – sustainable pathways can be designed and implemented in areas such as consumption patterns, finance systems, energy and mobility, food systems, etc. A sustainable society also needs cultural norms that enable us to draw long-term visions and develop solutions aimed at breaking through existing consumption patterns, norms, objectives and value systems.

The target audience are policy makers, scientists, civil society representatives, politicians, government workers, entrepreneur, artists, activists, spiritual leaders, etc. willing to broaden the horizon and to start working on the sustainability transformation in Switzerland. The particular aim is to bring together stakeholders that may be critical of a “sustainability transformation”


SDSN Switzerland

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