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Climate Neighbourhoods

Let's scale up solutions!

Mai 22
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Climate Neighbourhoods
Bild: Climate Alliance
Climate Neighbourhoods
Climate Neighbourhoods (Bild: Climate Alliance)

Climate Neighbourhoods' (CN) motto “Let's scale up solutions!” aims at participants from all over the world. As part of the ICCA 2019 the CN addresses ICCA's central question: How can vertical and horizontal cooperation lead to the intensification and dissemination of climate mitigation activities and adaptation to climate change?

The neighbourhoods take up key thematic areas of the ICCA2019 ranging from low-carbon mobility, climate-friendly urban planning and sustainable consumption, to financing and design of participation and knowledge exchange processes. In these thematic fields the CN will discuss and develop approaches on how to scale-up solutions. An interactive programme with workshops, open-space discussions, exhibitions and creative activities creates the space to develop policy recommendations to be presented to relevant decision-makers at the ICCA.



Climate Alliance


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  • Themen
    • Klima (31)
    • Wissenschaft (25)
    • Umwelt (21)
    • Klimawandel (20)
    • Energie (20)
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  • Organisationen
    • Universität Bern (5)
    • ETH Zürich (5)
    • ProClim (3)
    • Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL (3)
    • Universität St. Gallen (2)
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  • Angebotstypen
    • Konferenz (50)
    • Tagung (23)
    • Aus-/Weiterbildung (15)
    • Seminar (12)
    • Workshop (6)
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Registration deadline: 15.04.2019

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