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Jun 24
Jun 25
Novotel Amsterdam City
The Netherlands
Bild: Impact>Mobility
Impact>Mobility (Bild: Impact>Mobility)

This event will unite mobility decision-makers in one room to find a win-win between the sustainability aims of the public sector and the commercially driven private sector. Build partnerships and move towards a scalable model for mobility as a service.

Mobility as a Service is set to revolutionise the sustainability efficiency and convenience of transportation systems. However, to make this a reality it is imperative that public and private stakeholders come together. 2019 is the year where Europe’s biggest cities are piloting major projects, regulating mobility and selecting long-term MaaS technology and operating partners.

Programme key points:

  • Accelerate the Mobility Data Marketplace: Expand the ecosystem (e.g. retailers, tourism, cities,) through strategic partnerships to increase monetization of mobility data whilst delivering actionable insights that enable seamless urban transportation.
  • Deliver Seamless Mobility as a Service: Integrate platforms (e.g. micromobility, public transit) and develop new partnerships to deliver a truly multimodal mobility solution serving the needs of the connected consumer.
  • Smart Public Transportation for Smart Cities: Leverage connectivity and open APIs to deliver real time service updates and seamless payments resulting in a superior mobility proposition that pushes drivers out of their own cars.
  • Supercharging E-Mobility: Propagate charging infrastructure, utilise smart grid tech and integrate EVs into shared fleets to drive adoption and enable cities to reach ambitious sustainability targets.
  • Final Destination - The Last Mile: Harness the power of mobility data (e.g. mapping, congestion etc) to optimise route, reduce cost of service and deliver a sustainable express solution whilst meeting the needs of the ‘prime’ consumer”.


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