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Adapting Forests to Climate Change: Methods, Tools and Projects

Nov 19
Nov 20
Hôtel de Région Occitanie
22 Boulevard du Maréchal Juin
31000 Toulouse
Adapting forests to climate change: methods, tools and projects
Adapting forests to climate change: methods, tools and projects
Adapting forests to climate change: methods, tools and projects (Bild: FORECCAST)

This symposium will feature a wide range of talks, discussions and networking opportunities with experts in the field of forest adaptation to climate change. The first day will focus on oral and poster presentations, the second will be dedicated to optional field visits in the nearby Parc naturel régional du Haut-Languedoc.

The symposium will include presentations covering a broad range of themes related to forest adaptation to climate change. Presentations are expected to be related (but not limited) to the following themes:

  • Selecting forest management procedures and tree species for the climates to come
  • Conserving natural forest habitats in a context of climate change
  • Decision-making tools to adapt forest management strategies to climate change
  • Long-term monitoring of forests facing climate change
  • From academic research to in-situ projects of adaptation
  • Raising awareness among stakeholders about the adaptation of forests to climate change




Maison du Parc naturel régional du Haut-Languedoc
1 place du Foirail - BP 9
34220 Saint-Pons-de-Thomières
Tel: +334 67 97 38 22
E-Mail: coord-foreccast@parc-haut-languedoc.fr

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Registration deadline: 01.11.2019

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