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URCC Conference 2020

Mär 9
Mär 10
Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
Carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret 167 08025 Barcelona
URCC Conference 2020
Bild: URCC
URCC Conference 2020
URCC Conference 2020 (Bild: URCC)

Organised in the framework of RESCCUE, Europe’s first large-scale innovation and urban resilience project, this event aims to bring together different actors from academia, administrations, businesses and local communities to discuss multiple aspects of urban resilience and climate change.

We already live in a world of cities, and that trend is expected to continue. While cities are becoming smarter, they can still be very vulnerable and fragile, with basic services failing when different kinds of impacts occur.

Climate change is adding pressures and uncertaintiesfor the economy, the environment and the society in general. In urban areas, climate change may affect urban services, such as water or energy supply. Urban resilience refers to reducing risks and damages from disasters and to the ability to quickly bounce back to a stable state.

Under the influence of these challenges the programme will focus on these key points:

  • Hazard and risk assessment of key and critical urban services
  • Climate risk management and resilience in urban areas
  • From climate data to climate services
  • Adaptation strategies and nature-based solutions to improve resilience
  • Financing for resilience and climate change adaptation
  • Innovation, capacity building, communication and data-sharing
  • Risk and challenges to public health




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The event is free of charge but a registration is necessary.

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