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9th International Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitors and Recreational and Protected Areas

Aug 29
Aug 31
Bordeaux Science Agro School

The MMV conference provides a forum for presentations and exchanges of research, ideas and experiences related to the monitoring and management of visitors in recreational and protected areas. The emphasis is on policies, problems, practices and innovative solutions. We welcome researchers, managers, consultants, policy makers, planners, members of NGO’s and other professionals dealing with visitor management in recreational and protected areas.

The 9th MMV conference will be hosted by the IRSTEA Research Center in Cestas, near Bordeaux. Alongside traditional subjects, this first French MMV conference will be centered on the theme of “place, recreation and local development”. There will be a rich and varied program of keynote presentations, topical sessions, poster sessions, and field trips.

We invite everyone to consider the opportunity to submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation. The official language of the conference will be English. Some assistance may be provided in specific sessions on demand.



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