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Mär 6
Mär 8
Africa Dev. Forum 2019
  • Konferenz
  • Berlin

The African Development Forum

The African Development Forum 2019 will focus on the opportunities for development in Africa in the framework of the current transitions and challenges. The forum will highlight best practices of countries in Africa of implementing successful sustainable development strategies.
Apr 25
Apr 27
  • Konferenz
  • Neuchâtel

African Asian Relations

The organizers encourage researchers to investigate sociological theories and conceptual tools for the analysis of the relationships between Asia and Africa. They welcome reflections on questions of methods and data for analysis of these relationships.
Mai 20
Mai 22
Agroforestry 2019
  • Konferenz
  • Montpellier

The 4th World Congress on Agroforestry

Agroforestry facts and figures from developing and developed countries will be presented and discussed by a wide a range of stakeholders: researchers, policy makers, farmers, donors, government officials, students, the private sector and civil society members.
Jun 12
Jun 14
  • Konferenz
  • Edinburgh

ECAS 2019: Africa - Connections and Disruptions

The conference brings together 1,500 leading researchers, policymakers, and leaders from across the world. There will also be a complementary series of artistic and cultural events, as well as various networking and capacity building events, including some particularly aimed at the next generation of African researchers.
Sep 24
Sep 27
Waterfuture Conference
  • Konferenz
  • Karnataka

Waterfuture Conference: Towards a Sustainable Water Future

The Sustainable Water Future Programme (Water Future) of Future Earth is organizing the first international conference of Water Future titled 'Towards a Sustainable Water Future' in Bengaluru, India.
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