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Sep 9
Sep 11
Dialogue Days 2019
  • Konferenz
  • Zürich

Dialogue Days 2019 "Global Health Challenges: What’s Next?"

The goal of the event is to discuss and anticipate future Global Health Challenges and think preventatively for solutions with an interdisciplinary approach. The Dialogue Days will reach this goal through the exploration of four thematic areas presenting future global health challenges.
Sep 24
Sep 27
Waterfuture Conference
  • Konferenz
  • Karnataka

Waterfuture Conference: Towards a Sustainable Water Future

The Sustainable Water Future Programme (Water Future) of Future Earth is organizing the first international conference of Water Future titled 'Towards a Sustainable Water Future' in Bengaluru, India.
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SDGs all
  • Konferenz
  • Bern

SUDAC International Conference 2019 - in collaboration with KFPE

The SUDAC Programme is currently consolidating its network and promoting cooperation efforts of Swiss universities on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Switzerland and with higher education partners in the Global South.
Okt 30
Repic Konferenz 2019
  • Konferenz
  • Solothurn

Abfallmanagement und Recycling in der internationalen Zusammenarbeit

Konkrete Erfahrungen und Lessons Learned aus REPIC-Projekten zu Abfallmanagement, Recycling und Abwasser
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Dez 6
Symposium SwissTPH
  • Konferenz
  • Basel

Climate Change and Health – Risks, Adaptation, Resilience and Co-Benefits

Climate change will affect global health in many different ways. Adaptation strategies will be sorely needed to prevent major negative health consequences in countries in most need and mitigation measures will result in substantial health co-benefits.
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