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Wasser Meer Welle
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2020 Darcy Lecture: Killer Beetles, Naked Trees, and Dirty Water: Understanding Hydrology and Water Quality Impacts from the Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation in the Rocky Mountain West

This lecture by Prof. Reed Maxwell will present research from a six-year project that brought together hydrologists, environmental engineers, social scientists and education and outreach specialists to study the broad water quality, quantity and social impacts of the MPB epidemic.
Mär 10
Mär 12
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International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2020)

IRES provides a coherent overview of energy storage technologies that can enable the global transition towards the decarbonisation of economies through ubiquitous renewable energy systems. The conference program encompasses all storage technologies in their context, and welcomes case studies, applications, country scenarios, trend analyses, and barriers to be overcome for the transition process.
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