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Jul 16
Jul 28
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  • Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

European Parks Academy

In 2018, the European Parks Academy will take place from 16th-28th July, again in Klagenfurt with the Lakeside Campus.
Aug 29
Aug 31
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  • Gradignan

9th International Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitors and Recreational and Protected Areas

The MMV conference provides a forum for presentations and exchanges of research, ideas and experiences related to the monitoring and management of visitors in recreational and protected areas. The emphasis is on policies, problems, practices and innovative solutions. We welcome researchers, managers, consultants, policy makers, planners, members of NGO’s and other professionals dealing with visitor management in recreational and protected areas.
Aug 31
Pärke-Markt auf dem Bundesplatz
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  • Bern


Der Berggebietsevent mit dem 4. Nationalen Pärke-Markt auf dem Bundesplatz in Bern ist ein Volksfest für Natur- und Kulturfans, Liebhaber von Regionalprodukten und Musikbegeisterte.
Sep 8
Sep 14
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  • Madonna di Campiglio TN

8th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks 2018

The Conference, with the main theme “Geoparks and sustainable development”, will be an opportunity to all participants to share their experiences, create network and exchange the best practices applied in their territories.
Sep 18
Sep 21
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  • Aviemore PH22 1PN

EUROPARC Conference 2018

The theme ‘European Parks: Inspired by the Next Generation’ will focus on what Parks can learn from young people and what changes need to be made to manage protected areas for future generations.
Okt 2
Okt 5
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Thinking Mountains 2018

Thinking Mountains is a triennial interdisciplinary mountain studies summit that promotes dialogue about mountain places, peoples, and activities around the world. It is an international meeting place for the best scholarship on mountains from the natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, and other communities of practice.
Okt 30
Okt 31
  • Tagung
  • Langnau am Albis


An der Tagung werden wir die Wildnis-Studie zu Potenzial und Akzeptanz von Wildnis in der Schweiz einem breiten, öffentlichen Publikum vorstellen
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