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Jun 18
Jun 19
International meeting on paleoclimate
  • Konferenz
  • Coimbra

International Meeting on Paleoclimate

The goal of this meeting is to stimulate an observational attitude and to promote an open discussion on paleoclimatic signals in order to improve the look at the present and to ground future perspectives.
Jun 25
European Urban Resilience Forum 2019
  • Konferenz
  • Bonn

European Urban Resilience Forum

Since 2013, this event has offered a unique exchange platform where city representatives and stakeholders from various local and regional institutions come together to discuss strategies and actions for adapting to climate change and building urban resilience.
Jun 26
NFP 71
  • Tagung
  • Bern

Schlussveranstaltung "Akzeptanz"

Die über 100 Projekte der NFP 70 und NFP 71 haben eine Vielzahl von Faktoren identifiziert, welche die Akzeptanz von neuen Technologien sowie von gesellschaftlichen und politischen Veränderungen beeinflussen. Diese und weitere spannende Themen stehen im Zentrum der Abschlussveranstaltung der NFP 70 und NFP 71 zum Thema Akzeptanz.
Jul 16
Jul 18
ICGET 2019
  • Konferenz
  • Roma RM

4th International Conference on Green Energy Technology (ICGET 2019)

The International Conference on Green Energy Technology serves to foster communication among researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of scientific areas with a common interest in improving Green Energy Technology related techniques.
Jul 17
Jul 20
  • Konferenz
  • Lisbon

Innovation, Invention and Memory in Africa

CHAM is proud to announce the organisation of its IV International Conference on Innovation, Invention and Memory in Africa. Following very successful previous editions, CHAM is now focusing on Africa, its heritage, challenges and achievements.
Sep 3
  • Konferenz
  • Horw

6. SCCER BIOSWEET Conference

Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about SCCER BIOSWEET’s R&D activities. The event also provides a forum for a dialogue between bioenergy researchers and application partners, with the goal of fostering innovation in the field of bioenergy.
Sep 3
Sep 4
SCCER-SoE Conference 2019
  • Konferenz
  • Lausanne

SCCER-SoE Annual Conference 2019

The SCCER-SoE Annual Conference 2019 presents insights into our research highlights, puts a strong emphasis on the project posters, and offers many opportunities for personal exchange
Sep 8
Sep 13
Summerschool 2019
  • ETH Zürich
  • Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL
  • Universität Bern
  • Aus-/Weiterbildung
  • Ascona

18th International Swiss Climate Summer School 2019

This summer school addresses Early Stage Researchers from the climate, engineering, social and economic sciences. In addition to keynote lectures from internationally renowned experts and extensive time for discussions and poster sessions, two half days will be spent in smaller groups working jointly on concrete case studies, involving practitioners.
Sep 10
Sep 11
Smart Energy Systems
  • Konferenz
  • København

5th International Conference On Smart Energy Systems

The 5th conference in the series cements it as a main venue for presentations and fruitful debates on subjects that are pertinent to the development and implementation of smart energy systems to fulfill national and international objectives
Sep 16
Sep 20
Mobilitätsarena 2019
  • BFE
  • EnergieSchweiz
  • Konferenz
  • Bern

Schweizer Mobilitätsarena

Die Schweizer Mobilitätsarena ist der Jahresanlass, an dem sich die Macherinnen und Macher des Schweizer Mobilitätssektors und aller anderen verkehrsrelevanten Branchen treffen, austauschen und die Herausforderungen der kommenden Jahre diskutieren können.
Sep 23
Sep 25
Reklim conference 2019
  • Konferenz
  • Berlin

2nd International Conference "Our Climate - Our Future"

Looking back on ten successful years and looking ahead to the next funding period, REKLIM will host the 2nd International Conference. The conference’s main goal is to provide a forum where scientists from around the globe can present and discuss the latest findings on regional climate research in connection with REKLIM’s focus areas.
Sep 24
Sep 27
Waterfuture Conference
  • Konferenz
  • Karnataka

Waterfuture Conference: Towards a Sustainable Water Future

The Sustainable Water Future Programme (Water Future) of Future Earth is organizing the first international conference of Water Future titled 'Towards a Sustainable Water Future' in Bengaluru, India.
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