• 09.07.2019
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New e-learning Tool: From historical climate data to hazard maps

Bild: http://www.weather-reconstruction.org/
http://www.weather-reconstruction.org/ (Bild: http://www.weather-reconstruction.org/)

As part of the PALAEO-RA project of the Institute of Geography at the University of Berne an e-learning tool for weather reconstructions has been released.

On www.weather-reconstruction.org, students and anyone interested can learn step-by-step how historical manuscript data can eventually lead to complex climate information such as hazard maps. The tool focuses on sources of uncertainty and the application of reanalysis data and other data products in a meaningful way. Data can be downloaded for analyses in statistical software and visualization tools. The sections Climate Data, Global Reanalyses and Downscaling and Applications each starts with a very short text and the video followed by 2-4 subsections, typically with an exercise. In addition, introduction videos give a concise overview of each section.


PALAEO-RA project of the Institute of Geography, University of Berne

Weather Reconstruction Tool: From historical climate data to hazard maps

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