• 25.07.2019
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Forensic Anthropologist at the Unit of Forensic Imaging and Anthropology

The Unit of Forensic Imaging and Anthropology (UFIA) of the University Center of Legal Medicine (CURML) of the CHUV, is seekinga part time (50%) forensic anthropologist

The Unit of Forensic Imaging and Anthropology (UFIA) of the University Center of Legal Medicine (CURML) is part of the Department of Medical Radiology (DRM). The main fields of activity deal with thanatological examinations, clinical expertises and case assessments. The Unit also provides teaching and training to under- and post-graduate students, continuing education for various professions (doctors, medical radiology technicians, ambulance attendants, magistrates, lawyers, police officers), and research in the field of forensic imaging and anthropology.

At the request of the judicial authorities, the UFIA carries out post-mortem medical imaging investigations using imaging techniques, such as CT-Scan and MRI, for acquiring and restoring images of the human body. Imaging techniques have the advantage of being non-destructive and the acquired data can be stored and reviewed later on. Imaging examinations precede and complete the autopsy data. Post-mortem angio-CT is a minimally invasive examination that investigates the vascular system in a detailed manner, which is impossible to obtain in a conventional autopsy. The surface scanner allows model-based reconstruc


  • Management of forensic anthropological investigations of CURML examination requests
  • Participation in body recovery, in case of anthropological interest, in their examination and in the interpretation of lesions in medico-legal cases
  • Development of research projects in forensic and physical anthropology
  • Promotion and expansion of collaboration with specialists from various fields
  • Ensuring your own continuing education by attending national and international conferences and using institutional and/or external resources
  • Participation in teaching, supervising trainees, and in the organization of workshops and conferences as well as in institutional and/or external training.


  • Master's degree in anthropology, osteology or biology
  • At least 3 years' experience in an anthropology department
  • Very good knowledge of French
  • Computer literacy, including database management skills
  • Good knowledge in the fields of biology, medicine, radiology, and archaeology
  • Strong interest in interdisciplinary work, which includes regular scientific exchange with national and international partners, desire to create new professional relationships, and spirit of mutual support and collaboration
  • High accuracy and precision
  • Organizational sense and good management of priorities
  • Flexibility and availability to travel in Switzerland and abroad
  • Availability for an on-call service.

If you become an employee at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois, we will offer you:

  • High social benefits
  • Regular salary progression according to job responsibilities
  • Three days of training per year
  • 25 working days of vacation per year
  • Very good restaurants with preferential rates

Contact for information on the function: Dre Moghaddam Negahnaz, anthropologue forensique, tél. 021 314 56 83

Closing date: 31 August 2019

As our applications are processed electronically, would you please Apply exclusively by internet, with the « POSTULER » button, at the Bottom of the ad. If for any technical reason, you are not able to do it, we invite you to contact our recruitment team, which will assist you (contact : 021.314.85.70).


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