Schnee, Gletscher und Permafrost haben für die Schweiz eine grosse Bedeutung und ihre Veränderung wird durch detaillierte Messungen dokumentiert. Dieses Webportal zeigt und erklärt ausgewählte langjährige Messreihen der Kryosphäre.mehr

Bild: NASA Earth Observatory, Jesse Allen and Robert Simmonmehr

GLACIERHUB - Story telling and connecting people

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GlacierHub seeks to expand and deepen the understanding of glaciers. It tells stories of people who live near glaciers or who visit them, it provides information about current scientific research, and it offers accounts of the efforts of communities and organizations to address the challenges brought by glacier retreat.

Teaser: GLACIERHUB - Story telling and connecting people

It serves as well as a nexus to link people who are concerned about glaciers, so that they can communicate with each other and develop responses to the changes in glaciers. GlacierHub invites contributions-whether text, images, or sound files-from people who live near glaciers and from people who visit them, whether for research or for adventure or for the chance to see the beauty and majesty of glaciers from close up.

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