• 04.06.2018
  • Meldung

Namu Bae from Switzerland won an honour mention at the European Physics Olympiad in Moscow

Namu Bae photo
Bild: Barbara Roos, Switzerland
Namu Bae photo
Namu Bae photo (Bild: Barbara Roos, Switzerland)

Swiss high school students participated at the second European Physics Olympiad in Moscow (Russia) from May 28 to June 1 this year.

During the last days the students took two exams, one experimental and one theoretical.

The problems were much more difficult than in high school.

The experimental part consisted in analyzing a porous membrane using both diffusion and optical methods, such as interference and birefringence. Then there were three different theoretical problems involving mechanics, magnetism and concepts from calculus of variation.

You can find the problems here

After the exams the participants can discuss their solutions with the official markers, so that in the end they get all the points they deserve.

The results and the ranking are available here

Namu Bae from Switzerland won an honorable mention!

Below are the photos of all EuPhO participants at the closing ceremony, the excursion to a space pavilion, the portrait of Namu Bae with his price, the team visiting Moscow.

The photos of the Swiss team:

Team photo1: Severin Spörri, Marco Rotschi, Matthias Bürgler, Keanu Gleixner, Alfredo Mastrocola (Observer), Namu Bae

Team photo2: Barbara Roos (Leader), Namu Bae, Keanu Gleixner, Matthias Bürgler, Severin Spörri, Marco Rotschi, Alfredo Mastrocola (Observer)

A. Benelli reporting the news received from Ivan Istomin (EPFL) and Ilyana Zolotareva