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Balloon flight to commemorate the Albert Gockel's flight of 1909

Jan 25
Balloon festival at Château-d'Oex
Bild: Pays d'Enhaut Tourisme
Balloon festival at Château-d'Oex
Balloon festival at Château-d'Oex (Bild: Pays d'Enhaut Tourisme)

On 25 January 2020, a balloon flight is planned to commemorate Albert Gockel's flight of 1909, where he measured the ionisation of air up to 4500 m altitude. Even though Albert Gockel did not speak of cosmic rays at the time, and expressed some doubts about the reliability of his instruments, this Swiss physicist can still be counted among the discoverers of cosmic rays.

The foreseen commemoration flight will take place as part of the international hot air balloon festival in Château-d'Oex. This village in the Vaudois Alps plays host to hundreds of hot air balloons every year in January since 1979.

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Poster of the Art & Science exhibition 2019 at Espace Ballon
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Exhibition Art & Science 2019

The exhibition Art & Science at the Balloon museum in Château d'Oex presents art works from Michael Hoch from CERN on the discovery of cosmic rays with balloon flights pioneering modern particle physics.

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