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we scientists shape science
we scientists shape science
we scientists shape science

We want science to be creative, solid, open, helpful for society and a good career opportunity for the talented youth. Let’s start to change what it means to be a scientist and the way and the framework in which science is conducted. It is us scientists who need to change science.

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  • 07.02.2019

We Scientists 2035 Workshop Day - with Jacques Dubochet

Do you work in a scientific research institution? Are you frustrated with aspects of current research culture, such as the pressure to “publish or perish”, the reproducibility crisis, climbing the academic ladder and persistent gender biases? Do you want to shape the culture that you work in? Join us on the 7th of February, 2019 at the University of Lausanne for an afternoon of «We Scientists 2035 Workshops». Let’s make small changes today for a better research culture tomorrow!
Star as a symbol for ratings and assessments

Conference 2018 «Beyond impact factor, h-Index and university rankings»

Conference highlighted the limitations of current metrics, introduced alternative assessment approaches, and considered which steps are necessary.
Open Data

Open Data

Conference shows that providing the data of published results is simple. The challenge is how to make available extended
data to allow reproducibility of the results and to have the necessary finances and manpower ready.

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So that science remains the best method to gain knowledge, we need to improve it. The web portal provides information on pressing issues and on the science congress «We Scientists Shape Science».

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