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Compilations on collaboration among disciplines

Catherine Lyall’s short guides

What’s the purpose?The ten short guides give practical tips on how to master the challenges of interdisciplinary research and teaching. Each short guide comprises around four pages. Guidance is provided for developing, managing, troubleshooting and reviewing interdisciplinary research and for supervising interdisciplinary PhD projects.
Who provides the compilation?Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, University of Edinburgh, UK
How does it differ from td-net’s compilation?The short guides provide practical down-to earth tips and not methods. Also they target the collaboration of disciplines.

Julie Klein’s annotated Bibliographies and Coaching and Training Modules

What’s the purpose?The purpose of the annotated Bibliographies and Coaching and Training Modules is to make key resources available and to provide tips on how to using them. This is needed since generic publications on inter- and transdisciplinary research are often not known in fields applying inter- and transdisciplinary research. The compilation thus prevents reinventing the wheel.
Who provides the compilation?Division of Research, Wayne State University, USA
How does it differ from td-net’s compilation?The Bibliographies and Coaching and Training Modules cover the topics of inter- and transdisciplinarity more broadly and do not specifically focus on methods for co-producing knowledge.

The Collaboration Kit | Password: a2ruTDNet

What’s the purpose?The Collaboration Kit is a collection of readymade materials, activities, and session plan for a workshop that develops the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed for collaboration across difference. The Kit and workshop are designed to support practitioners from different backgrounds and disciplines who are working together on teaching, research, community engagement, and special initiatives.
Who provides the compilation?

a2ru – Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities

What's special about this compilation?

This compilation supports teams to reflect on collaboration and to take corresponding actions on a meta level, without necessarily addressing a specific research topic. The facilitator’s guide not only offers tools, but also a template for the whole process (how to combine the tools and secure results, templates for flipcharts, etc.).