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Compilations on knowledge synthesis and integration

Integration and Implementation Sciences (i2S) website

What’s the purpose?

The Australian National University provides a repository of tools, some of the tools being compilations of tools themselves. The tools are structured along the three main purposes of Integration and Implementation Sciences, which are

  • Synthesising disciplinary and stakeholder knowledge
  • Understanding and managing diverse unknowns
  • Providing integrated research support for policy and practice change
Who provides the compilation?The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
How does it differ from td-net’s compilation?There are many overlaps with td-net’s compilation. Integration and Implementation Sciences and transdisciplinary research are conceptually close. They both aim at supporting problem solving in the context of societally relevant issues. In addition, ANU’s compilation provides a few tools for managing diverse unknowns.

Transdisziplinär und transformativ forschen – Doing transdisciplinary and transformative research (Book I | Book II)

What’s the purpose?

The open access books aim at enabling third parties to implement methods for knowledge generation, kowledge integration and for transformation. The methods were developed in real-world labs, but are also applicable in other transdisciplinary and/or transformative contexts. Both books consist of two parts. In part 2, a total of 11 specific methods are described in detail. In part 1, Book I presents criteria, principles, and questions guiding planning and reflection, while Book II presents heuristics that help understanding the perspectives and the conditions of action of actors participating in transdisciplinary and/or transformative projects.
Who provides the compilation?

Rico Defila; Antonietta Di Giulio (eds.), Research Group Inter-/Transdisciplinarity, University of Basel
​open access book by springer link

How does it differ from td-net’s compilation?The method collection is organized in two edited books and describes not only concrete methods and tools, but also processes and heuristics. The method descriptions are in full length. The collection is available in German only.

The I2S news is to provide regular updates about resources for researchers who investigate complex real world problems: